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Dive into our event preferences report to discover what event attendees are really looking for in events, their top picks for features, and what they're hoping to see in 2024. Packed with valuable insights, it equips event professionals like you with the knowledge needed to transform your next event into a memorable event attendee experience.  



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  •  Comprehensive insights from tech enhancements to engagement strategies, to help you understand event attendee journey and how to meet attendee expectations.
  • Trend analysis of current and emerging trends in events, including the rise of in-person models and AI matchmaking.
  • A peek into how evolving attendee preferences will shape the events of tomorrow.
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Stay ahead by understanding emerging event trends and event audience expectations.


Gain valuable data-driven insights for tailoring your events to meet and exceed attendee desires.


Take concrete actions to enhance your events based on current attendee preferences.

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